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  • „All Embracing Serum“ von Odacité California (Glow in a bottle)

    „All Embracing Serum“ from Odacité California (Glow in a bottle)

    This power serum has several positive influences on the skin through its great ingredients. Among other things, it is extremely moisturizing without being heavy on the skin. It is skin-soothing and anti-inflammatory, and has an antiseptic and skin-clearing effect. Eperfect serum for thirsty, dehydrated combination skin showing the first signs of aging.

    Watermelon seed oil optimally moisturizes the skin without resting on the skin. It is a small anti-aging elixir with numerous vitamins, minerals and trace elements. The amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants contained slow down skin aging and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and pigmentation spots. Lycopene, as antibacterial agent, calms inflammations and prevents pimples. The amino acid citrulline also has an anti-inflammatory effect, binds the water in the skin and thus provides a lot of suppleness.

    Hibiscus - flower oil is rich in antioxidants and mild natural acids, which promote skin renewal and thus have a clarifying and skin balancing effect.

    Extracts of oatmeal have a calming effect on stressed skin because oats are rich in minerals and vitamins (such as vitamin B1).

  • Viritida Cleansing Balm | Nine Herbs Charm & Holocene Balm by ARCANA SKIN - ein Review

    Viritida Cleansing Balm | Nine Herbs Charm & Holocene Balm by ARCANA SKIN - a review

    We are delighted to publish the first blog post from another wonderful guest author. Y...

  • Fettige Haut, Ölige Haut, Mischhaut: Vorteile, Nachteile sowie Pflege dieses speziellen Hauttypes

    Glowy skin and skin's own anti-aging or rather problem skin? Advantages and disadvantages of oily skin and what to consider when caring for it

    Oily skin is usually a little more large-pored, the skin surface is often greasy and often shiny. It is usually characterized by excessive sebum production, which often leads to skin blemishes. However, not only. Dhe sebum secreted by the skin glands is very important for our skin. It protects the skin from drying out, keeps it elastic and protects it from negative environmental influences. Oily skin is therefore very protective and it has another advantage over normal skin: it ages more slowly. In this blog article, our guest author Minja, a practicing pharmacist specializing in skin care, introduces us to the pros and cons of oily skin and what to consider when caring for it.

  • Die Haut und ihre Barrierefunktion

    The skin and its barrier function

    What exactly is the skin barrier and why is its consideration so important, especially in skin care? How does the skin protect itself from excessive water loss? How do you strengthen the skin barrier and increase skin moisture? How does skin barrier damage and moisture loss occur in the first place? All these questions and other interesting facts about our largest organ can be found in the blog post "The skin and its barrier function".

  • Mikroplastik – das Gift für unsere Wohlfühlorte – und unser Leben

    Microplastics - the poison for our places of well-being - and our life

    Microplasty - what is that actually? Microplastics are small particles that are usual...