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About North Glow

North Glow is a child of the North, through and through. North Glow is clean, loving and honest.

North Glow is your virtual place for organic and clean beauty. Sometimes certified natural cosmetics, but in any case non-toxic cosmetics. And I stand behind North Glow, Daniela.

Beauty and wellness has always been my passion. Over the years, and especially with the birth of my children, it has changed and, above all, become more conscious. More conscious about ingredients and their effects, the consequences for our environment and the creatures in it as well as the effect on the mind. And my need grew to share experiences, knowledge and discoveries and to exchange with other interested people. This is how North Glow was born.

I am happy that we have been able to build an incredibly great community over the last year, which is growing almost daily. And as another highlight I was able to motivate great members of this community to write guest articles on our blog. This way it stays diversified for you and you benefit from different competences and points of view.

A few words about me and how it all came about...

Cosmetics have been part of my life since I can remember. As the daughter of a beautician who built and managed a successful institute, I went to trade fairs and seminars at an early age. I found it incredibly exciting to see what cosmetics can be and do.

However, the fact that my path, after an initial apprenticeship with Dr. Babor in Aachen, did not lead me into the cosmetics industry but to real estate and management consultancy, is a different story and has a lot to do with fate and destiny. However, I have passionately followed the beauty industry, its products, active ingredients and its developments and continued to read here.

At some point I became increasingly involved with natural and sustainable lifestyles. Even though I am still far from being able to implement this in every area of life, I still think that it must be absolutely possible with cosmetics.

Various blogs have made me get to know many manufacturers. I started to test products and experienced many rivets. Increasingly, I have gained the impression that our international neighbors are also very good at effective and high-quality natural cosmetics and how varied the possibilities are. And so I became more and more curious and at some point I went across the continent to discover the latest brands and products on blogs and in magazines. Australia, the USA and Canada are just some of the countries that sometimes produce really great products.

What was missing...

I am now 40, have slept too little for many years, drunk far too little, lived quite a bit and unfortunately often worked too much. Accordingly, I have a few wrinkles (more) and also not necessarily only fine-pored skin, which does not hide any sin. Furthermore, over the years I have developed a certain standard that I would not want to miss in cosmetics. Ergo: I need cosmetics that work properly, can highlight beautiful things and sometimes make me look a little nicer when I look in the mirror. But I would like to have these cosmetics without harmful ingredients that can harm nature, the creatures in it, our planet or myself. Cosmetics should bring joy, not cause suffering.

For me inner values count - but not only! I stand by them. I use my senses, I love aesthetics, enchanting scents, good design and pleasant haptics. I also expect all this from my bathroom pots. If I pay a correspondingly high price for them, then I want to get all that for them. And that is unfortunately not so easy with natural cosmetics. But it works.

When I looked at products and wanted to test them, I lacked the information about the individual ingredients, their mode of action and origin. I also wanted to know if the product contains microplastics, silicones and other substances that are harmful to me or the environment. It is also important to me to know with which active ingredients it should keep what it promises.

Another point was the felt endless jungle of products and promises as well as the confusion that resulted from the fact that neither "natural cosmetics" nor "clean beauty" are protected terms. When I was looking for a new product for skin care or decorative cosmetics, I found it hard to find my way through the jungle of many brands in the individual online stores. Tedious research was the only solution.

Also discussions with many friend inside, which use all still conventional Kosmetik, resulted in that exactly the components mentioned before are missing. "I miss the fragrance, the products all smell somehow strange or herbal", "I would like to have beautiful, modern jars in the bathroom" or "I treat myself to a little luxury with my cosmetics, natural cosmetics cannot offer me that" were just some of the statements I heard. Basically, however, everyone was open to the natural or at least pollutant-free variant and would be pleased if they saw the demands described fulfilled. High-quality natural cosmetics for skin beyond the age of 35, which can compete with its conventional and high-quality sisters like Dior, Chanel, Shiseido & Co. "Challenge accepted" I thought!

On our blog you can find test reports of the products that me and a few clever comrades-in-arms looked at. In addition, we are building an encyclopedia of ingredients that will show you the individual components of the product and explain the functions. This information does not claim to be complete and is without guarantee. It is based on research on our part and is intended to let you share in the knowledge gained from it. If you have any suggestions regarding the individual reports or components, I would be pleased to hear from you.

In addition to great bloggers, who will write guest articles here and there on our blog, I am in constant exchange with pharmacists and beauticians to check my findings here as well. So if you have questions about ingredients, products or their application, please feel free to contact me. We will try to answer these questions to the best of our knowledge and belief.

In our online boutique (boutique because we will carry a small fine portfolio of personally selected brands and products) we only offer brands where I or one of our colleagues have tested at least one product. It is also a prerequisite that we have studied their philosophy and product range in detail, so that we can not only stand behind the products but also behind the brand. So it is naturally also possible for us to clarify certain questions on your part directly with the manufacturer.

The store should also contain some manufacturers that are not yet distributed in Germany or are not offered at all. This way we can introduce you to great suppliers and products and guarantee a much faster delivery than if you have to order in Canada or the UK.

All in all, Northglow should bring you joy above all else. We want you to enjoy using high quality cosmetics that are free of natural ingredients and harmful substances and that are sustainable in their use of resources and animals. And that too, with a demanding skin at the age of 40+!

It's great that you are here! Nice that you become part of the North Glow family to share with us this passion for clean and natural cosmetics. We are happy about you! Have fun on and with North Glow!