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Bl+J | Serum | Concentrate for strengthening and revitalizing the skin cells with blueberry and jasmine oil

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Particularly suitable for dull and stressed skin, promotes cell energy

Intensive revitalizing serum that gives the skin new energy and gives it a fresh complexion and a more radiant appearance.

Nutrient-rich blueberry seed oil, packed with antioxidants, helps skin cells to renew themselves and protect against external stress factors. The result is a youthfully radiant complexion, full of energy and a velvety skin feeling.

Jasmine, especially in combination with blueberry seed oil, can revitalize dehydrated skin and provide it with new deep moisture, so that the appearance of the skin structure can be improved.

In aromatherapy, jasmine is said to support self-confidence and relieve feelings of stress.


As concentrate: mix 2-3 drops into the day/night cream to potentiate the care.

For a more intensive effect, you can also apply the concentrate as a serum directly to the skin.

Highest quality cold pressed organic certified Vaccinium corymbosum (Blueberry) seed oil, Jasminum Sambac (Jasmine) flower oil, Litsea cubeda (Laurel genus with small white flowers) fruit oil, Acacia decurrens (Mimosa) flower extract, organic certified Ylang-Ylang oil (Cananga odorata) oil, certified GMO free Vitamin E (Tocopherols) oil.l.

Highest quality cold-pressed organic certified blueberry seed oil (Vaccinium corymbosum) of highest quality

| rich in vitamins such as A, B and C, which (especially C) boost collagen production

| rich in secondary plant substances, such as Polyphenols, which have an anti-inflammatory effect

| with its high content of antioxidants can strengthen the cell membranes to protect them against aggressive external influences and signs of skin aging.

| activates the skin's own repair mechanisms

Organic certified jasmine essential oil (Citrus paradisi)

| gives elasticity and suppleness

| helps the skin to store moisture

| has an antibacterial effect and thus supports the treatment of impure skin

| fragrance effect: mood-lifting, can promote the production of endorphins

Certified GMO-free vitamin E oil (tocopherols)

| inhibits the breakdown of collagen in the skin

| Reduction of UV-induced skin damage

| strong antioxidant


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