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Rebecca Tracey

Soy wax aroma candle in the fragrance combination oakmoss & sandalwood

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The beautiful earthy, rich notes of bark, pine and moss blend seamlessly with the sweet, woody and full-bodied creaminess of the wonderful sandalwood. Rounded off with the refreshing peel of lime and the spice of black pepper, this is an incredibly inviting and stimulating fragrance. Earthy and masculine, it is pure heavenly pleasure!

This luxurious aroma candle is sustainably produced and hand poured in England. Our perfect blend of 100% pure essential oils, natural cotton wick and GMO-free soy wax ensures that you can enjoy the wonderful aromatherapy scent for about 60 hours.

Your 300g candle is in a matte, translucent chocolate brown glass. This is aesthetically stylishly embedded in a sturdy round box that is 100% recycled.

To ensure clean burning, you should shorten your wick to 1/8 to 1/4 inch before each use.

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