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Green Ceremony Cleanser - Facial Cleanser mi Matcha + Spirulina Algae

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Fabulous for mature, dry, normal, combination and oily skin

Cleansing and detoxifying cleanser for clean, smooth and fresh skin.

A cleansing experience like no other - formulated with powder-foam effectiveness and the power of Matcha + Spirulina, this treatment cleanser removes all superficial impurities and delivers a deep cleansing that respects the skin barrier and energizes the skin.

The Green Ceremony Cleanser is suitable for all skin types and applies to the skin the four basic principles of the Japanese tea ceremony: PURITY, RESPECT, HARMONY AND CALM.

Skin PURITY: The ingredients combine to create a remarkably effervescent, cleansing foam that removes excess dirt, oil and dead skin, helping to improve the appearance of breakouts while energizing mature or tired complexions.

RESPECT for the skin's own skin barrier: The high chlorophyll content of Matcha + Spirulina removes toxins from the skin, while a gentle foam of coconuts - also known as baby foam - respects the sensitive skin barrier and makes your skin dirt-free, fresh and never tight.

HARMONY for the appearance of your skin: Concentrated Aloe Vera powder helps to soothe the appearance of your skin, while Matcha + Spirulina with its powerful antioxidants help to keep your skin looking fresh and youthful.

REST: The pleasure of turning powder into foam and the delicious effect of massaging the powder into your skin creates a space where you can reconnect with yourself and discover a few minutes of much-needed rest amidst the daily stress.

Including measuring spoon and muslin cloth.

75g | 2.65oz


Combination/oily/blackhead-prone skin: Use every other day.

Normal/dry and mature skin: Use 3 times a week.

Put a filled (enclosed) measuring spoon of Green Ceremony Cleanser in the palm of your hand. Activate the powder by adding a few drops of water to a gentle foam. Massage the Green Ceremony Cleanser into the skin to remove impurities. Remove with warm water and the enclosed muslin cloth. Finally, rinse with cold water and the muslin cloth.

ingredients: Sodium cocyl isethionate [baby foam], sodium bicarbonate [food grade baking soda], honey, fructose & maltodextrin [honey] powder, citric acid, Camellia sinensis [premium grade matcha] leaf powder, Spirulina platensis [spirulina*] powder, Aloe barbadensis [aloe vera*] powder



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