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Concentrated cocktail of active ingredients, pleasant fragrance and aesthetic flacon – the anti-ageing night cream from Mádara convinces all along the line. The rapid absorption by the skin also shows the high-quality ingredients, which penetrate immediately into the lower layers of the skin and act there. The result is a pleasantly moisturised skin feeling and the impression of a flatter complexion with less pronounced lines.


My first time with this cream, I thought, “ui… it’s green.” You don’t necessarily expect that from a cream that you apply to your face. Beige, rosé or, as the name suggests, cream. I could imagine that the pale green colour should symbolize the main component of the cream and thus also its superstar, the birch water. As I found out by working with the INCIs, the green colour is produced by the iron oxide it contains. The second sensory impression at the first time was “it smells good”. A very delicate, spring-like scent surrounded my nose. As if I had just entered a freshly blossoming young forest with spring flowers. Unfortunately, they have strongly reduced this scent with “improved formula”. There is nothing left of it. I find that indeed very sad. In fact, I have always been looking forward to the fragrance in the evenings. Well, you cannot stand against progress, can you? Even though I am not sure if it really is.


Mádara is a young company founded in 2006 by four young women in Latvia. The philosophy is based on the fact that the active ingredients work in deeper skin layers and not only on the surface of the skin. In addition, the company aims to convey a good feeling in terms of well-being, self-esteem, value awareness and ecological footprint. According to their own statements, they do this through truly effective ingredients, honest statements, environmentally friendly packaging, care, passion and respect. Because a radiant heart leads to radiant skin, says Mádara. In developing their products, they rely on the ancient knowledge passed on through generations to preserve and protect health and life through the forces of nature. In this context, particular reference is made to the rough and sometimes difficult Nordic living conditions for flora, fauna and humanity, under which all the more intensive active ingredients were needed to ensure survival. Accordingly, the products contain the forces of nature, which will continue to be researched under the scrutiny of physicians and in the light of science. Thus, the respective product creations and their effects are also scientifically validated.


Mádara is the result of a four-week mini in vitro study with 35 participants aged 29 to 70. According to the study, 94% of the participants confirmed that their skin was brighter after only one night because it was smoother and better moisturized. After four weeks, 85% of the participants found improved collagen synthesis and 88% found reduced lines and wrinkles. 100% confirmed improved skin hydration and stimulated skin regeneration after four weeks.

The cream is relatively light and quickly absorbed. In order to determine whether lines and wrinkles are really reduced, I think I would need different instruments. I can’t really detect fewer wrinkles, but I honestly don’t expect that from a cream alone. For this I would have to pay much more attention to sufficient water consumption, more sleep and less sugar. But all three are on my long-term plan… 😉 The lines the next morning seem really reduced. Applying the cream gives me a really nice feeling at the end of the day. The skin feels moisturized and well nourished. The next morning, I don’t have a greasy film on my skin but just a relaxed feeling. The smell is still pleasant after the changed formulation only much more discreet and less flowery. The active ingredients are really great. A lot of power from nature is combined with the main ingredient, birch water. This should have a proven reducing effect on all essential signs of visible aging. The active ingredients are neither diluted with water as a main component nor are they preserved by alcohol in the first place. Of course, there are also ingredients that somehow (but never exclusively) serve as preservatives, such as caprylic/capric triglycerides and sodium anisates. However, this is a very well-tolerated variant for me, since they also have caring properties. Jojoba oil, which also moisturizes the skin and improves the absorption of active ingredients, is second only to birch water.

CONCLUSION: I love this night cream. The jar is simple and cool in design. Even better I would like a jar made of glass instead of plastic but here I turn a blind eye. The scent is pleasant and very discreet, even if I liked it better before. The consistency is light-footed and absorbs super fast. I’ve already bought and used it repeatedly and I’m sure I’ll use it again!


Daniela Moldt

Daniela Moldt

Gründerin von North Glow