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A small jewel in the natural cosmetics market. Fluffy-light texture, pleasant and very discreet scent of rose and a little vanilla, really good moisture penetration of the skin. The cream is very light and absorbs quickly. It feels a bit like applying a whipped mousse. In addition, the bottle is made of glass and puristically designed. Absolutely recommended as a summer cream for unproblematic skin.


Herbivore, of wellness, luxury and a good feeling

Herbivore Botanicals was founded in 2011 by Julia Wills and Alexander Kummerow at a kitchen table in Seattle. They speak of their products as safe, non-toxic and highly effective. The company’s strategy is based on achieving tangible results that can be seen and felt and the power of nature to achieve these results.

They indicate that each component contained in the products has a specific therapeutic benefit. This means that no fillers of any kind are used, so that virtually every ingredient in the products is an “active” ingredient. The result should be pure, highly concentrated and effective formulations which, according to Herbivore, are a rarity in today’s skin care and cosmetic world. All formulas are original, developed by Herbivore and tested on humans – never on animals – and always from scratch. All products focus on organic, high quality and food grade ingredients.

Herbivore also states that they ethically source the best natural resources the earth has to offer. This is done in the knowledge that everything we put on our skin quickly penetrates our bodies. With ingredients ranging from French pink clay to Brazilian gemstones, formulas are created that combine essential vitamins, minerals and plant compounds to restore skin to optimal health and vitality. In addition to the main focuses already described, the products should also contribute to rejuvenation and personal enjoyment. Herbivore is convinced that daily bathing and skin care rituals should be fun – a way to create short breaks in hectic routine.

The company thinks of everything: from sophisticated packaging and labels that openly and clearly declare the ingredients to intoxicating fragrances and luxurious textures. They claim to do everything to ensure that the user will love her skin care and bathing routines.

Herbivore states that its products are free from synthetic ingredients, parabens, sodium laurel sulfates, phthalates, chemicals, fillers, animal testing, mineral oils and petroleum.

How the Pink Cloud was invented

Herbivore wanted to create an innovation with the Pink Cloud. A cream that has never been created like this before: A light, natural cream that is truly synthetic-free and moisturizes, with a dew-fresh finish that easily blends into the skin and perfectly moisturizes it. It took many months of research and development to create the Pink Cloud with its unique texture – light, creamy and breathable, with no harmful synthetic ingredients, so its user and skin can relax (and breathe).

The Pink Cloud is rich in natural active ingredients such as rose water, aloe vera juice, candle nut tree oil and white tea extract, melts with the skin and creates a dewy, revitalized, hydrated and smooth skin feel. Herbivore sees this as the future of skin care: truly natural and very effective.

As on cloud 7: rosé and fragrant

I’ll make it short: I love it! The cream has an airy, light consistency and it smells very discreet. Perfect, to be honest. A slightly rosy-vanilla scent, which you will only notice if you concentrate your nose on it. If you apply it, it is very brittle and leaves nothing more than a magically moisturized skin feeling. No greasy film, oily shine and nothing else I don’t want there. Simply a good feeling. And it stays that way the whole day! Even in winter, when it is sometimes extremely dry and I am predestined to get dry wrinkles because of my unwillingness to drink. Even then, the crème will still be a powerhouse against it. However, I have to say that in winter I mix it with two to three drops of face oil to create the richness I need.

The jar is also exactly to my taste. Stylish, clean, high quality. Clear glass, white lid no frills. Admittedly, sometimes I like playful packaging, but it also has to fit to the content. Through its jar, this cream conveys what -according to its founders- it also contains: only what really makes sense and brings benefits comes in, but also at a high level.

Close to the customer

There’s one more thing I must mention here. With three ingredients, my research came to the conclusion that these are in most cases synthetically produced. This did not fit at all to the propagated philosophy of the company. So I wrote to Herbivore and went into it. I got an answer immediately and on a Saturday. It was explained to me in a very friendly way that these ingredients are also naturally obtained substances, how they are obtained and that the prerequisite for a purely natural composition of the ingredients is the basis for all product developments. In addition, Herbivore sent me a link that deals with organic alcohol as an ingredient in cosmetic products. This is where I had been doing more research. I am happy to share it with you, you can find the link at

I think it is great that my question was answered so promptly and in such detail and it shows from my point of view that it is really important for the company to offer the best for the customer. Another bonus point for Herbivore.

Conclusion: From my point of view absolute top notch in the natural cosmetics sky. Everything is right for me here: high-quality ingredients, beautiful skin result, super design and a discreet but very beautiful smell! And that for “only” about 42€. Personally I would like to have a little bit of anti-ageing in it, but I get that from a previous serum that I apply before the cream. In addition, you can’t demand that for the price at a good level and the product doesn’t promise that at all. I’m really looking forward to trying out other Herbivore products.


Daniela Moldt

Daniela Moldt

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