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A fragrant companion that no handbag should be without. Mattens optimally and dries out the skin much less compared to other transparent powders. In addition, the nose is surrounded by a magically flowery scent. However, this is relatively intense and could quickly become too much for more subtle tastes. I, on the other hand, like it and the fragrance gives me even more pleasure during application.


Dr. Hauschka has not been in my focus when it comes to decorative cosmetics. In 2017 the completely revised makeup range was launched on the market. But for me it was still not a player in the decorative cosmetics sector and so it took another year until I spontaneously took advantage of it because I needed a transparent powder “to go”.

Dr. Hauschka is a German company that is now based in Bad Boll/Eckwälden. The company emerged from WALA Heilmittel GmbH, which had existed since 1935. Dr. Hauschka, like WALA GmbH, sees itself as a pioneer in the market for natural preparations. The former founder, Dr. Rudolf Hauschka, developed his own cosmetic line in cooperation with the Viennese cosmetologist Elisabeth Sigmund, in addition to a range of medicines concentrating on the production of natural medicines without preserving alcohol. Dr. Hauschka still sees himself today as a pioneer in the industry, pursuing a different philosophy of skin care than most of his competitors. According to the company, the concept is essentially based on the fact that it takes into account the day and night rhythm of the skin. Dr. Hauschka focuses in particular on fat-free night care, since the skin cannot work under a so-called fat layer during its nightly regeneration period.


Back to the product. Basically, a transparent powder must have the properties for me to mattify and at the same time care for the skin. In the best case, it still smells a little, so that this sense is also addressed during application. Basically I like to use transparent powder when I am on the road and everything gets stressful again. For me this results mostly in oily and somewhat restless skin. The problem with this form of “mattifying to go” is the drying effect I experienced with most transparent powders so far. Nevertheless I must honestly say that for me a good transparent powder is a miracle weapon to go. Once “thrown over” on the way and I look fresh and almost like leaving the house in the morning. Therefore an absolute must have in the handbag!


Dr. Hauschka’s Transparent Powder is the perfect way to matt your teint. The powder also nourishes with mineral pigments and extracts from medicinal plants. The witch hazel is especially highlighted as a medicinal plant. As can be seen from the INCIS explanation below, this ingredient can have a firming effect on the skin and compact the skin surface. Especially for me, who tend to slightly enlarged pores, this is of course a desirable effect. The product also achieves a dreamlike silky effect on the skin through the silk particles it actually contains. Unfortunately I also feel the drying effect of this translucent powder in the form of a slight tension on the skin. However, as I wrote at the beginning, this is a general problem I have with this type of powder. This means to me using it carefully and ideally only with a nurturing foundation underneath.

The design of the powder tin could be more modern from my point of view. Despite the reworked design, I find it semi successful. For example, a slightly flatter design would be more beneficial for design and manageability. I also lack a mirror in the box. In my opinion, the plastic the powder tin is made of could also be of a higher quality or made of a different material.


Conclusion: a beautiful transparent powder that mattifies, conjures a silky complexion, smells strongly floral and, according to the manufacturer, also cares for the skin. I’m not completely convinced by the design of the jar, I’m missing a small mirror and I have to use the powder carefully because I quickly get the feeling to dry out the skin a bit. However, this is a fundamental issue with transparent matting powders. However I would buy the product again.


Daniela Moldt

Daniela Moldt

Gründerin von North Glow