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This set is a luxurious way to explore and discover the entire Arcana line, with enough product for several applications.

These samples are designed to test your individual skin compatibility with these ingredients.

Of course, you won't be able to see long-term results with this. Usually four to six weeks of consistent use are required to see what long-term effects on skin health can be expected.

Scintilla is supplied with a reusable velvet bag and includes the following products:

Viritida: 10 g

Sulis: 5 ml

Kilda: 10 g

Nine herbs spell: 3 ml

Veil of calm: 3 ml

Second sight: 2 ml

Please note: These are small quantities that should be used as soon as you receive them and no later than 4 weeks after opening them for the first time, as they are not packaged in UV-protective glass like the regular products. The small products should be stored in a place protected from light until use and preferably also during this time.


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