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Rebecca Tracey

Rod diffuser in the fragrance creation Bitter Orange & Geranium

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The uplifting and overall balancing effect of the geranium blends wonderfully with the soothing and refreshing, soft, woody scent of bitter orange (extracted from the leaves and branches of the orange tree) to create a wonderfully harmonious combination of fragrances. Both essential oils are wonderful tools for calming body and mind and form the perfect bedroom fragrance to bring peace, serenity and tranquility to your room.

application: Dhe Rattan-Sdabble are placed in the flacon deployedso that the Scent oil by the Chopsticks can be pulled to scent the room. To increase the intensity of the scent, change You the ends in the perfume oil of the sticks more often to the surface. Since the aromatic oil does not contain alcohol, the it's not so fast and can last for months.

A diffuser with 100ml can up to 12 months!

If you turn the chopsticks, take care of it keep the oil away from all walls or porous surfaces.

For a longer pleasure you protect the aromatic oil from direct sunlight. Since dhe diffuser contains essential oils we recommend you to use nah the handling to wash your hands.