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'MIR' GEL-TO-MILK CLEANSER - Gel to Milk Cleanser with Blue Tansy

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A nourishing cleanser (in contact with water, the gel turns to milk) that leaves skin clean and soft without stripping it of moisture. Rich in Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, vitamins and minerals.

This wonderful cleanser massages easily into the skin and the combination of beautiful texture and aroma makes cleansing a great experience.

Sweet almond oil is invigorating, perilla and castor plant cleansing, papaya and pineapple exfoliating. Pumpkin seed oil has a moisturizing effect and safflower oil cleansing. Blue Tansy soothes the skin and lavender and chamomile have a relaxing effect.

-Removes daily impurities and all traces of
makeup-Restore skin balance-Deeply
nourish and soften skin


against free radical damage and premature
aging-Stimulate skin cell regeneration-Protect


strengthen skin's natural barrier function-Increase
collagen production, elasticity and firmness of

skin tone and



slightly sweet, fruity and reminiscent of Blue Tansy and herbs.

ColorDepending on the
batch / harvest time, climate and season, it ranges from a lighter sea green to blue green to a deeper blue

soft, gel-like balm that transforms into a milky lotion

Crystal InfluenceInfused
and enhanced with the vibrational energy of aquamarine - a cooling and calming stone
Its soothing energies help relieve stress, anxiety and calm the mind.

Contents: 50 ml

The Ritual
Take out a small amount with clean hands and the spatula provided. Massage into dry skin. Moisten your fingers and continue massaging until the oily gel turns into a silky milk. Gently wipe it off with a clean, damp washcloth.

Then tone the skin and apply oil/balm while the skin is still damp.

Best kept below 20°C and in a cool, dry place away from heat and direct sunlight. Once opened, best consumed within 6 months.

Safflower oil * with basil *, burdock *, cleavers *, lemon balm * and meadowsweet *, pumpkin seed oil *, sweet almond oil *, hemp seed oil *, perilla seed oil *, jojoba oil *, castor oil * , Sucrose laurate, papaya extract, orange fruit water, pineapple extract, vitamin E *** and essential oils of blue tansy *, lavender *, chamomile * and frankincense *, good energy and love.

Naturally occurring in essential oils - limonene, linalool

* Certified Organic ** Wild Harvested *** GMO-free ^^ Community / Fairly Traded