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Rebecca Tracey

Black Pepper, Lemon & Geranium Diffuser

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The splendid and spicy black pepper is a wonderful companion to the lemon peel and the uplifting floral note of the geranium. Together they create a wonderfully heady and wonderfully complex aroma that makes every fragrance shine.

Additional Information

To use, the rattan reeds are placed in the bottle so that the perfume can be pulled through the reeds to scent the room. To enhance the fragrance, remove the reeds and place them upside down in the bottle. Since it contains no alcohol, they do not evaporate and can last for months.

100ml with up to 12 months of fragrance!

Be careful when turning the reeds to keep the oil away from all walls or porous surfaces.

Protect from direct sunlight

Wash hands after handling

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