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TREU Textiles

[treú] german

(ad.) reliable, resistant in a

attitude ([another] other, one

thing opposite)

Katrin is the founder of treu.

It all started in 2010 as a small eco fashion label in Hamburg - 2 years later she moved to her old home Ulm and now in 2020 faithful FASHION becomes faithful TEXTILE. An eco textile label that no longer focuses on fashion but on washable, durable textiles for kitchen, bathroom and co.

With time the zero waste idea grew more and more - not only privately with her but also professionally.

Beautiful alternatives for disposable products such as cotton pads, sponge wipes, sponges or handkerchiefs are hardly represented on the market. To reinterpret them, to make them washable and durable and to give them a new value was obvious.

And so it was born

// zero waste products to which one can remain faithful

// sustainable, durable and beautiful