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Viritida Cleansing Balm | Nine Herbs Charm & Holocene Balm by ARCANA SKIN - a review

We are delighted to publish the first blog post from another wonderful guest author. Yasmine Digneffe, who runs her own great blog as a.touch.of.violet on Instagram, as well as on her own blog platform at, has tested three products from our new skincare line ARCANA SKIN, available for the first time in Germany! I, Daniela, am particularly pleased that Yasmine is writing and testing for us for two reasons: She is one of the most endearing people I have met digitally so far. She also has an impressive collection, and thus experience, of high-quality natural and/or toxin-free cosmetics. She is one of the people who have a lot to compare with. I hope you enjoy reading.


Yasmine Digneffe

A few months ago I came across a new brand that really left me mesmerised, Arcana.

I was mesmerised by their captivating packaging that looks mysterious, unique and a little ‘witchy’. I’m one to easily judge a book by its cover but I must say I was equally impressed by Arcana’s compelling ingredients lists, which all read like a mythological fairy tale. Arcana is an exploration into the mysteries of plants, choosing only the hightest quality ingredients with a focus on plants that are either wild harvested or grown through biodynamic farming. Every chosen ingredient has a purpose, whether physical or energetic.

My skin

Before I start sharing some of my favorite Arcana products, I’d like to tell you a little more about my skin. I’m 28 years old and have combination skin with sensitivy on my cheeks (rosacea and eczema). My skin is easily stripped and overwhelmed, so I always reach for products that have the ability to calm inflammation and help restore my skin barrier. Arcana’s products have proven to be an absolute gamechanger for my skin and I can’t wait to tell you more about them! 

The products


My first introduction to Arcana was their cleansing balm Viritida. Viritida is a lushious balm-to-milk cleanser made mainly of cold-pressed, unrefined Hemp seed oil. Hemp seed oil is high in omega acids and linoleic acids, both incredible at hydrating the skin while modulating oil production.

Looking at its swirly bright green texture you’d easily think this product is witchcraft, and it wouldn’t surprise me if It is! This is a very gentle yet effective cleanser that rinses away makeup and dirt but leaves the skin feeling soft and moisturized. Its texture is a silky gel that transforms into an oil upon application, perfect for performing facial massages. Once water is added, Viritida turns into a lush milk that rinses away easily, yet some oils will remain on the skin to keep it nourished and soft.

Viritida has a very subtle, slightly floral scent that comes from oils of Clary Sage, Rose Geranium, and Green Tea and a light wisp of Violet Leaf. These essential oils were chosen carefully to treat hormonal breakouts and to calm and heal irritated skin.

This cleanser is suitable for all skintypes but it especially wonderful for people with sensitive skin. It helps battle blemishes, helps release heath from the skin and keeps the skin nourished throguhout the day.

Nine Herbs Charm

After cleansing and on wet skin, I apply a generous amount of Nine Herbs Charm. This is a nutritious emerald green face oil that supports skin prone to blemishes, redness, and excess oil.

This oilserum is rich in high-linoleic acid plant oil (from grape seed oil & hemp seed oil) which is something acne prone skins have low levels of. A blend of biodynamically-grown herbs (Nettle, Vervain, Plantain, Mugwort, Cleaver and more) encourage lymphatic drainage, help the skin to detoxify, have anti-bacterial properties and help treat skin inflammation..

Nine Herbs Charm contains an essential oil blend of Blue Tansy, Blue Chamomile, Clary Sage, and Nettle, specifically chosen to ease redness, hormonal reaction and calm inflammation. Not only wonderful to the skin, but equally to mind and senses.


Arcana’s latest release is Holocene, a rich multi-tasking facial balm created to address the negative impact of the environment on the skin (from UV radiation, cold, wind, pollution,…).

This balm is very nutrient-dense, with some of the most hydrating butters from Tucuma and Cacay seeds. Also in this formula is Bakuchiol extract, well known for its retinol-like effects on the skin but in a more gentle and safe way. Pomegranate and Calendula were added to help repair effects of UV-damage, making this balm excellent for soothing the skin, especially after having spent too much time in the sun. To help eliminate bacteria (causing breakouts), Elderberry extract is added.

Using Holocene is a very aromatic and mood-lifting experience, with notes of Neroli, Frankincense, Sandalwood and a light touch of Vanilla. All chosen for their skin regenerative properties.

My experience

A staple in my routines, both morning and evening, has been Viritida. It’s one of the most pleasant cleansers I’ve come across, it easily melts away makeup and daily grime without ever stripping my skin of its natural oils. Besides its delightful texture and feel, what I love most about Viritida is that it leaves my skin looking healthy and radiant every time. Using Viritida is not just cleansing the skin, it’s a whole ritual, a beauty ceremony if you will. Oh, and did you know Viritida works increble as a hydrating face mask?!

At the time I started using Nine Herbs Charm face oil, my skin was in a bad state. I had dry spots from rosacea flares, some redness and little acne on my T-zone. I swear I saw an improvement after the first application, and it only got better the longer I used this face potion. I applied Nine Herbs Charm in the evening and woke up to calm skin, and the dry spot that had been there for a few weeks had disappeared overnight! Over time I’ve also noticed an improvement in acne and my pores seem to have minimized. My skin feels incredibly soft to the touch, it’s even and looking healthy and radiant. With its dreamy emerald color, soothing aroma and luscious texture, Nine Herbs Charms has been a real treat for my skin and senses.

On days where my skin still needs extra soothing and nourishment, Holocene has been a real treat to use! Only a pea-sized amount is needed to keep my skin protected and nourished. I love how silky this balm feels, easy to apply and without any residue on the skin. My skin always looks dewy yet the balm sinks into my skin immediately after application.

Thank you so much, dear Yasmin, for this poetic yet fact-based report. I love reading your lines.

Dear readers, just to let you know, we neither paid Yasmin for this nor asked her for a specific judgement. Viritida already had it in use and also already wrote about it when we sent her the Nine Herbs Charm as well as a small version of the Holocene. Her opinion is free and uninfluenced.

You can find the three products from ARCANA that Yasmine writes about here by clicking on the pictures.







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