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MIR - The Gel-to-Milk Cleanser by Monō Earth Alchemy - Review by Belgian blogger Yasmine.

You already know the wonderful Yasmine from previous Blogposts. Since she introduced me to Mōno Earth Alchemy, it was only natural that she would also write a review of this extraordinary product.

Yasmine Digneffe, who runs her own great blog as a.touch.of.violet onInstagram, as well as on her own blog platform at, has been using MKIR for quite some time, even far longer than we added Mono Earth to our range. For two reasons, I, Daniela, am particularly pleased to have Yasmine writing and testing for us: She is one of the most endearing people I have met on digital so far. She also has an impressive collection, and thus experience, of high-quality natural and/orpollutant-free cosmetics. She is therefore one of the people who have a lot of comparison possibilities and know what they are talking about. I hope you enjoy reading this review.


Yasmines review about MIR - Gel-to-Milk-Cleanser von Monō Earth Alchemy

Recently Northglow added one of my all time favorite brands to their brand selection and I couldn’t be more proud and happy! Mono is a brand so close to my heart, a brand that combines art, precious botanicals and the magical energy of crystals in all their creations.

Mono is a modern botanical apothecary created byTracy and Kevin in England. Tracy is a herbalist, she transforms the healing powers of Mother Nature into the most heavenly skin treats. Her husband Kevin is an artist, he created the stunning artistry on all Mono packagings.


All products are inspired by nature, ago-old beauty wisdom and herbal traditions. Each product is created to nourish and protect the skin but also to enchant senses and support well-being. Mono is a true holistic skincare brand, meaning that the products are created to ‘heal’, keeping the body (the physical body, mind and spirit) at the highest level of total wellness.

Each Mono product is soulfully slow crafted by hand, honouring ancient traditions and wisdom. Using only unrefined cold pressed oils, supercritical CO2 extracts, pure and unadulterated essential oils, unrefined butters, clays, salts,… nothing but the best of the best that Mother Nature offers us. 

Beginning of this year Mono rebranded and is even more beautiful than before, something I never imagined possible. With this rebrand came new (incredibly stunning!) packaging, reformulated products and last but not least, the launch of Mir gel-to-milk cleanser.

MIR – Gel-to-milk-Cleanser

Magical swirls of blue goodness, that is MIR gel-to-milk cleanser. Mir is a nourishing oily gel cleanser that turns into an oil during your facial massage and then changes into a milky lotion upon contact with water. It’s decadent texture and dreamy blue tansy scent make this cleanser the most heavenly and luxurious treat you could possibly use to start your skincare routine with. Using Mir isa whole experience, a moment of joy and a moment for YOU.

MIR is not just a cleanser, it is a true treat for the skin, being filled to the brim with nourishing and comforting botanicals such as Sweet Almond, Perilla & Castor(both cleansing), Papaya & Pineapple (exfoliating), Pumpkin seed (moisturising), Safflower (pore unclogging), Blue tansy (soothing), Lavender & Chamomille (relaxing). Mindfully formulated to be gentle to the skin but effective at removing daily impurities and light makeup. It brings the skin comfort and therefore helps strengthen and protect the skin. Mir is incredible at soothing the mind too with its scent that mainly comes from the precious essential oil Blue Tansy (not only incredibly to soothe the mind but also one of the most effective essential oils to calm down skin that needs soothing). I can’t help it but every time I massage my face with Mir, I keep massaging for10-15 minutes because it makes me feel so calm that I forget every sense of time.

If you’d like to try a cleanser that is unique, indulgent, luxurious and precious in every sense of the way, I can’t recommend Mir enough. Suitable for all skin types, but most of all for the most sensitive skin types.

Check out the exact product description, ingredients and application in our shop by simply clicking on the image below.